why macadamia nuts are the absolute best

IMG_1335.jpgSo a vast majority of people my age are in this weird phase where they call each other “beans”. Don’t ask me why, it’s far beyond my understanding. I’m sure it all started with a meme or a tumblr post, but if I’ve already lost you on what these things mean, don’t even worry about it. In the midst of a long and delirious midnight conversation, Kenzie and I came to the conclusion that we would no longer be beans, but we would be each other’s macadamia nut. They’re far superior to other nuts (ESPECIALLY CASHEWS) and are loved enough to be put into cookies on a regular basis, so they were perfect.

This post isn’t going to be about actual food, so if that’s what you’re reading this for, I’m really sorry to disappoint. These next few paragraphs are going to be about the biggest blessing God has given me since starting Baylor: my best friend, my macadamia nut.

Like any good and strong relationship, our friendship started when Kenzie slid into my DMs before move-in. She had seen my pictures from England, and having a similar heart for Africa, asked if I already had a roommate. Even though I did, we promised to have coffee when we got to college to exchange mission trip stories and get to know each other. Little did we know, the Lord was orchestrating everything in the favor of us both. Fast forward to the first few weeks of school, Kenzie and I quickly realized we were both going pre-med, so we met up a couple times to study together. We shared a little about our stories and journey to Baylor, and had so much in common it was hard to think we didn’t grow up just around the corner from each other. As we got to know each other more and more, it became evident that the Lord had put us in the other’s life for a reason.

The next few weeks were some of the hardest I’ve ever endured, navigating the transition from high school and living at home into the whirlwind of college and complete independence. So much happened, from my first failed test to a Judah & the Lion birthday serenade to when a boy stood me up on a date, and Kenzie was there for all of it, ready to go with an open Bible and gluten-free cookie dough when things got bad. There were many tears and conversations full of threats to give up, but Kenzie always pointed me toward the feet of Jesus and challenged me to check my motivations. The unwavering accountability coupled with genuine kindness was something I was not fully used to in a friendship. I never understood how Meredith Grey could call just one human her “person”, but I do now.

Even though it’s only been a few months, I already KNOW I have a forever friend in Kenzie Chabino. Simply put, she’s the iron that sharpens my iron (Proverbs 27:17). There’s so much joy that comes from a God-given gift, and man, my heart is just exploding with it. People probably look at us and think we’re the weirdest humans on campus, and that might be because we’re playing with our dissected rat’s guts together, but there’s no one that I would rather drive to Dallas *twice* with, just to get a computer fixed. We celebrate victories with jumping around Arbors 901, and feel each sadness, or really any emotion, with gallons of Tea 2 Go. Kenzie pushes me to be a better person, and is the first person I call (after my mom, of course) when anything even slightly newsworthy happens. We talk Bible stories and biology in one sitting, and challenge the other to be well versed in both. #premedprobs? No one else would drive around for hours helping me find “the place” in Waco, order some “soop and salah”from puh-nur-uh, put up with my blaring of Mr. Brightside at least 10 times a day, and worship the heck out of some Lauren Daigle songs while looking at the stars and dream of one day practicing medicine around the world.

I’m not usually a sappy or over emotional person, but I am a thankful one. I’m forever thankful for the Lord’s blessing over this friendship, and that he let me find it so soon in college, because MAN did He know we needed each other! Cheers for Jesus, and cheers for macadamia nuts.

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